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Welcome to the Patrick's Faire Homeowners' Association (HOA) website. This site is maintained by the Board of Directors of the Patrick's Faire HOA, and is designed to provide information about the HOA and answers to your HOA-related questions. If you can't find the information you're looking for, simply email your questions to the Board or the community manager and they'll be glad to answer them for you. In addition, relevant questions will be published on the FAQ page.

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9/2/17 The Board meeting on Monday 9/18 has been moved from 5:30pm to noon.  Location stays the same.  To learn more about meetings, visit the Meetings page.
A big THANK YOU to everyone who came to the Fencing Meeting on April 18th!  It was a huge success!  One of the most important discoveries from this meeting is that the way our CC&Rs are currently written prevents the community from making appropriate value-adding improvements to our homes.  The Board has decided to review the CC&Rs and determine the appropriate action so that homeowners can continue to make Patrick's Faire a valuable community.  If this is something that interests you, we would love to have you join us!  Please consider attending our CC&R review meeting on Monday, June 12th at 5:30pm at the Starbucks at 4 Corners (26910 Maple Valley Hwy #J, Maple Valley, WA 98038).  Please RSVP to so we know how many people to plan for.  If attending, take time to review the CC&Rs and come with your suggestions.  We look forward to seeing you!

Patrick's Faire fencing along 244th shows the care and pride we take in our community.  Due to a few unforgiving winters and the unexpected quick-aging of our community fencing, the Board put together a special committee to research the cost of replacing the fence along 244th. This especially affects owners who live along 244th as this fencing is a shared responsibility between those homeowner’s and the HOA.

Everyone please join us on Tuesday, April 18th at 7pm at the King County Sheriffs Precinct 3 (22300 SE 231st St, Maple Valley, WA 98038) to discuss the process of this replacement and potential cost to our community.

We are looking forward to seeing you there! If you are interested in being part of this special Fencing Committee or have any questions, please contact the committee at

The dates of the 2017 meetings are 1/23, 3/27, 4/17, 5/8, 6/19, 7/17, 8/14, 9/18, 10/16, 11/20 and 12/18.
The 2017 Annual Meeting is scheduled for 7:00pm on Monday, February 20th at the King County Sheriff's Precinct across from Maple Valley Fire and Life Safety. Packets will be sent out soon to all residents (owners & tenants), and they included a Proxy, Candidacy Form and Information Update forms among others.  It is important and vital to the efficient functioning of our Community for information to be returned in a timely manner.  Contribute to the value of a healthy community and consider joining the board.  We would love to meet you!  Contact the community manager if you do not receive the packet by 2/6/2017.


The 2016 Annual Meeting was held at 7:00pm on Monday, February 22nd at the King County Sheriff's Precinct.  Please visit the Meetings link to learn more about how to access the minutes from the meeting.
2/6/15 Click HERE to view the postcard mailed to all residents/owners the week of February 6th with reminders about the open director position, the Annual Meeting on 2/17/15, common compliance issues and safety.
1/30/15 The 2015 Annual Meeting is scheduled for 7:00pm on Tuesday, February 17th at the King County Sheriff's Precinct accross from Maple Valley Fire and Life Safety. Packets were sent out on 1/30/15 to all residents (owners & tenants), and they included a Proxy, Candidacy Form and Information Update forms among others; please be sure to complete and return the appropriate forms before or on the dates specified. Click HERE for a copy of the packet.
10/13/14 Click HERE to view a release from the City of Maple Valley requesting input on two undeveloped park properties in our city.
10/9/14 Click HERE to view the Autumn postcard mailed to all residents/owners.
9/29/14 Click HERE to view the flyer for the upcoming recycling collection event on Nov. 1st at Rock Creek Elementary School.
9/5/14 School's back in session so be sure keep an eye out for increased street crossing. Also, to allow full visibility at the bus stops, please do not park along the curb at either of the entrances of the neighborhood.
8/25/14 Additional information regarding the change from Waste Management to Recology from the City of Maple Valley HERE and final billing info HERE.
8/24/14 Effective September 1, 2014, Recology CleanScapes will be replacing Waste Management as the garbage/recycling collector for Maple Valley. With this change comes a change in the collection day for our community; from Thursday to Friday. Remember that all bins must be put out no earlier than the day prior and removed out of street view on the day of collection.
7/7/14 The latest edition of the newsletter has been hand-delivered to all homes and published on the Newsletters page.
2/4/14 The 2014 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 18th at 7:00pm at Maple Valley Fire and Life Safey - Station 81 (across from the old Sheriff's precinct). The meeting packet was mailed to all residents today and can be accessed HERE. Please contact Association Services if your packet doesn't arrive by Friday, February 7th. See you at the meeting!
9/7/13 The latest issue of the newsletter has been delivered and published on the "Newsletters" page.
6/30/13 Click HERE to access the City's recent posting on this year's Independence Day events and fireworks show. Additionally, click HERE to view the City's regulations on fireworks. Have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July!
* NOTE: All fireworks discharged in the community must be done so following the City's guidelines and must be cleaned up directly afterward.
5/8/13 The City's goat mowing program introduced in October 2012 was a success and is once again being employed at the water retention pond at the east entrance. Click here for details. DO NOT FEED THE GOATS.
4/26/13 The latest edition of the Newsletter is available here and copies will be distributed soon. Note the section on needing Block Watch volunteers, there was a report of prowlers in the neighborhood overnight on the owner-provided Facebook page; help prevent crime in our community and volunteer today!

Quorum was met and two new directors were voted into office and the budget was ratified. The Board of Directors page will be updated once they select the position that best matches their strengths. Thank you to those who attended and those who sent in their proxies; we look forward to more attendees/proxies next year.

2013 dues/assessment invoices will be sent this week and are due in full on April 1st. To avoid late fees/penalties, be sure your payment is postmarked no later than April 30th. If you feel you are unable to meet the deadline, contact Association Services no later than April 18th to discuss payment plan options.

2/16/13 The Annual Meeting is just three short days away; it's imperative that if you're unable to attend, that you send your completed proxy in as soon as possible and no later than Monday, February 18th. You can fax (425-660-7211), email ( or put in in the locked drop box on the message board in the park.
2/12/13 Click here to view the Annual Meeting and Proxy reminder post card sent out to all residents today.

** 2013 ANNUAL MEETING ** TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19TH at 7:00PM - Maple Valley Fire & Life Safety (across from the old King County Sheriff's precinct). Two director positions are open (VP & Secretary) and a quorum of 34% (53 homes) must be present in person or by proxy in order for the meeting to 'officially' take place. Be sure and return your proxy no later than Feburary 15th if you are unable to attend. If the required quorum is not met, the meeting will have to be rescheduled, costing the Association an additional and uncessary expense. Click here for electronic access to the packet mailed to all owners.

11/13/12 Community Managager Change: Please contact Evelyn Dufford when calling Association Services.
10/16/12 The bubble window on the main play structure was replaced. Thank you for your communication and patience in getting this resolved.

The City has contracted with a firm to use goats to eat the vegetation in the pond located to the east of our neighborhood. The City’s goat mowing pond program will begin in October and end by December 1, 2012 - depending on weather.


10/08/12 The bubble window on the main play structure in the park was damaged beyond repair and a replacement is to be installed very soon. Please caution children to refrain from playing near it until it the repair is complete.

Click HERE to view the August 2012 edition of the Maple Leaf; a copy was mailed to all residents & tenants on August 29th.

Inspections for trim paint compliance have been completed and letters for those with fading/flaking paint have been/are being sent.  Refer to the prior newsletters and March postcard for information about the trim paint deadlines (paint specifications and contact information for the orginal paint contractor and Quadrant Customer Service are listed in the August issue).

5/22/12 Click HERE to view the May 2012 edition of the Maple Leaf; a copy was mailed to all residents & tenants today.
4/14/12 Looking for a referral, babysitter or need to borrow a tool? Though the Association doesn't recommend contractors, etc., you can request to join the non-HOA sponsored Facebook page to do so. Click the blue Facebook logo to the left if you're interested in connecting with your neighbors in our great neighborhood! For answers to HOA-related topics, please visit the FAQ page or email our community manager or the Board of Directors.
3/21/2012 Click HERE to view the friendly reminder postcard sent out to both owners and tenants. It covers some of the common compliance issues which have resulted in violation letters and subsequently fines. Be sure to reference it and the governing documents for information about our community's compliance requirements.

The 2012 Annual Meeting packet was mailed out today, click HERE to view it.



Inspections are actively taking place and letters will be sent to those out of compliance with the Governing Documents; including but not limited to:

- Flaking trim paint (bare wood visible)

- Items stored in street view; in front and on the sides of homes, etc.

- Garbage/recycle bins in street view, other than on the day before and the day of collection.

- Holiday lights and decorations still in place more than thirty days before or after a holiday.

- Landscape condition not reflecting a high pride in ownership.

- Sports/play equipment must be stored on the owner's property and not on the sidewalk, street, driveway approach, etc.

- Parking - Do not block driveways, sidewalks, mailboxes or fire hydrants. Trailers, boats, campers, recreational vehicles, etc. may not be stored and/or parked on any lot (see CC&R Article 10, Section 20 - Exhibit B).

Letters of non-compliance will be sent to those found to be in violation, and fines will be assessed for violations not remedied in the required timeframe (see Section 5.0 - Schedule of Fines in the Rules and Regulations).


- If you are renting your home, please ensure that the Renter Acknowledgment Form has been completed/signed by both you and your tenant, and faxed to the Association within 10 days of the renter taking occupancy.

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